NABA Milwaukee supports the following programs:

Technical Sessions

Topics covered include sessions on management, personal development, and chapter planning. NABA Student Chapters

NABA Student Chapters

NABA Student Chapters provide programs and services designed to address the needs of students majoring in the fields of accounting, finance, or business administration. The professional chapter provides NABA student members with mentorship with business leaders, business etiquette, networking, and money management.

ACAP / YES Program

Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP)/Young Entrepreneur Scholar (YES) Program is an annual two-week summer residency program for high school students. With year-round accounting clubs located in six high schools throughout Milwaukee, WI.

The program curriculum introduces students to accounting, finance and general business concepts. ACAP/YES also provides ongoing mentoring by NABA student and professional members. Through ACAP/YES’s efforts, high school students receive educational experience and practical help needed for college preparation and a professional career in business.

Local Scholarship Program

The Milwaukee Chapter gives out 3 to 5 $1,000 scholarships each year.  Applications are due by April 15. For additional details Click Here>>.

Annual National Convention

The Annual National Convention is a four-day forum that provides our members and attendees great programs, training, and networking. Highlights include the Corporate Appreciation Program, Diversity Recruitment EXPO, Public Forum, and the Scholarship Luncheon.

Central Regional Student Conference

Provides students with the opportunity to receive scholarships, obtain cutting-edge information on industry trends; interview with employers from across the country; and network with peers and professional NABA members. Access the CSRC website, Click Here>>

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What People Say About NABA...

A great resource that is under used and under funded. I would like to see more Black Professional support. While in college I went to a NABA function and Mark Purnell taught us to put our name-tags on the right because that is the hand we shake with.  I never forgot and still do it till this day. That is a very small thing that I took way from NABA.   I learned a lot and meet a lot of great people.  ~E. Johnson

The NABA Planning retreat was today and all I can say is WOW!!!! If you were not there you missed something big. It was truly inspiring to hear from a founding member of the organization. I am so excited to be apart of NABA Milwaukee and looking to do and be all that I can be to promote, strengthen, and grow the organization.  ~M. Burnett Jr.