The National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA) is the oldest and largest professional membership organization focused specifically on African-Americans and people of color in the accounting, finance and business-related fields.  NABA represents more than 20,000 professionals in business and industry, public accounting, government, nonprofit and education, including those with the highly coveted CPA designation and students preparing for careers in the profession or related fields.

When you are a member of NABA, you are a part of a network that provides and opportunities for growth and success in the global business marketplace.  NABA’s members share and promote a professional ethos – “Lifting as we Climb!”  Your membership is critical to ensuring that we remain strong, relevant and influential in the accounting and finance profession.

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Join NABA's community of accounting and finance professionals to keep your skills up-to-date, discover the latest information in Accounting, Finance and Business regulations and advance your career.  NABA offers two types of membership: 1) Professional and 2) Student.  Below are the benefits of each:


As a professional NABA member, you receive:

*  Extensive networking and mentoring opportunities with peers and other industry leaders
* Opportunities to learn and practice skills while contributing to the services offered by NABA and gain visibility while participating on volunteer committees
* Opportunities to develop/refine specific leadership skills through leadership roles  (negotiation, generating consensus, influencing without authority, presentation skills, team building, team management skills and more)
* Member discount for all NABA events including the Annual Convention
* Exclusive access to NABA’s member-only LinkedIn group
* Subscription to Spectrum magazine and the NABA National
* Recognition of leadership contributions through volunteer awards

NABA also offers members:

* Access to a wide variety of professionals interested in career advancement
* Bi-monthly eBulletin providing the latest on what’s happening at the industry
* NABA Facebook page and @NABA Twitter feed
* Potential to be profiled in our newsletters
* Access to the NABA Career Center to take the next step in your career by finding a new job or listing a position available at your company

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NABA student groups are on more than 150 campuses across the Country, offering the opportunity to be involved with the Professional Community, create a community of their own and build leadership skills.  You can link yourself to your school’s NABA chapter when you join. Check out our NABA Student Chapters to see if your school has a chapter.  If your University is not currently listed, you may consider working with a faculty member to start your own chapter.

Graduating Soon?

When you graduate, be sure to sign up for the College Pipeline Initiative this should link to the CPI page so that we can continue to meet your needs and guide you into becoming a valued professional.

Why Accounting?

Over the past 40+ years, NABA has seen many members pass through the organization.  Having received professional support, leadership training and development opportunities afforded to them through NABA, many of these members have gone on to start their own firms, and or assume leadership roles in some of our major accounting firms and corporations.  With this advancement, sometimes the NABA membership is lost or forgotten.

Yet, a select few have chosen to remain steadfastly committed to the organization, while pursuing these same endeavors.  These individuals are our lifetime members and please join me in a round of applause as we honor them this evening.

Our lifetime members have made the decision to align themselves in a unique and special way with our organization.  Making the decision to become a lifetime member of NABA meant that you were secure in your career choice and eager to be involved with the ongoing development of diversity in the profession.  These special few recognize that supporting NABA’s work is essential to the health and growth of not only their professional endeavors, but they intimately understand that this commitment lays the foundation to create opportunities for young, black CPA’s to come.  Their commitment strengthens the organization and leaves a legacy of which future generations can be proud.

Lifetime Members are a cherished part of our NABA family.  For your added stewardship, you deserve to be richly rewarded.  We hope that you enjoy the evening and more importantly, we hope that you know how much we value your contribution to the organization.

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